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Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
Some of the denizens of MO crawled out of their dark caves and into the bright light of the Pomona Raceway- read on for some of their wacky hijinks and misadventures...

Pomona, California, July 19, 2002 -- With all of our recent forays out to Los Angeles County Raceway, doing drag strip runs with various machines, I've come to a realization: Drag racing does not suck. In fact, it can be quite exciting. So when we got the invite to attend a little press function out at Pomona to ride a real, honest-to-goodness drag race bike, I was pretty anxious. With more than 150 horsepower and 150 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheel, the day's ride was sure to be anything but dull.

Showing up at the strip on an already sweltering hot morning, Patrick Racing had two of their Pro Star bikes ready to go, but not before those of us in attendance got the low-down on just what we were about to experience.

The Patrick Racing boys have experience putting together some of the most wicked drag bikes ever created...

So whether or not you're a drag racing fan, check out the article and hop up on your soap box below.

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Elliot Strong
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