Late Laguna Report From Pascal

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From Austin/Bleu Bayou Ducati:
Pascal Picotte and the Austin/Bleu Bayou Ducati team earned sixth place in theLaguna Seca AMA Superbike race, with Pascal and fellow Canadian Miguel DuHameldueling for fifth place until the checkered flag. The Honda rider took the spotby less than a bike length in a very competitive battle, but Picotte and theTexas-based Ducati team made significant progress this weekend in their aim towin AMA Superbike races.

Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom won the event after a hectic start in which theAustin/Bleu Bayou team was not allowed to get the team to the pit wall untiljust five minutes before the race...

Over 98,000 fans attended the combinedAMA/World Superbike weekend in perfect Monterey weather over three days.

"It was a great finish for us," Pascal said. "We're still fifth in thechampionship. As a team, we're definitely moving forward and the Austin/BleuBayou team worked really well this weekend. The bike ran great, everything wentsmoothly and we have a winning atmosphere here."

Pascal felt this race was the most competitive for the ambitious Austin/BleuBayou Ducati program, started after Daytona this season. "The last few races,we have still been learning the machine and that definitely hurt our finishes.This weekend, we fixed the little problems that have been holding us back andfinally got the chance to show what we can do. STM helped us get our clutchworking great and Michelin gave us really good tires this weekend. The onlydownside was that we didn't get much track time."

In fact, Pascal and theAustin/Bleu Bayou team, who were not entered in the World Superbike race, hadtwo hours less on the circuit than all the riders that finished in front ofthem.

"Miguel went away from me at one point when I got a bad break in traffic, but Icaught him up at the end. Everyone else had three to five days testing herebefore the season started, so I'm pleased with where we finished. Now let's goto Mid-Ohio and keep moving forward."

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