Regis Laconi at the Assen Demo Ride

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Regis Laconi, the official Aprilia Superbike rider, arrived at Assen inthe Netherlands yesterday afternoon to take part in the Aprilia DemoRide.

The Demo Ride, now in its third year, is designed to let new customerstry out the high-performance RSV Mille on a racetrack in greatestsafety. There are twelve events during the season, making it a full-fledged tour covering a number of countries: Germany, France, theNetherlands, Sweden, England and Italy. But it is not just for potentialbuyers...

many Aprilia bikers flock to the European tracks for a seriesof meetings which are a great opportunity for a get-together.

The numbers involved are considerable: about 2000 people each year tryout 20 RSV Mille motorcycles made available by Aprilia under thesupervision of an expert technical team from the company. The Demo Rideshave become a must for high-performance four-stroke fans throughoutEurope.

Today there will be a truly illustrious guest on the historical Assentrack (a.k.a. "the university of motorcycling"): Regis Laconi, theofficial rider of the Virgilio Aprilia Axo team. Regis reached Assenyesterday and went out to meet the participants.

"This is the first Demo Ride I've been to and I'm amazed by the numberof participants", said Regis Laconi, who welcomed those present in themorning. "It certainly is thrilling to try out a bike on a racetrack andsafety couldn't be better, so the pleasure of riding a high-performancebike is as great as it can be. And in this case, the event has beenorganized at a shrine of world motorcycling. I'm really happy to be ableto be with motorcycle "colleagues" of mine who share my passion forAprilia."

Forthcoming Demo Rides: June 6 - 7 Mantrop Park (Sweden) - July24 - 25Croft (UK) - August 27 - 29 Varano (Italy).

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