2001 Elephant Ride

Dave Tharp writes:

--- 2001 Elephant Ride Announcement! --

Although the Last Elephant Ride was announced nearly two years ago, the event simply refuses to die. This year's version will occur on the 10th and 11th of February. As always, it will be based at the Platte River Inn in Grant, Colorado, about 40 miles southwest of Denver on US285, between the town of Bailey and Kenosha Pass.

For the hardy few, the traditional Saturday night winter campout will be held on the private land across the Pass Road from the Platte RiverInn. Then, on Sunday morning around 10:00 AM, the crowd will gather for the ride.

Though only 27 miles long, the ride over 11,669' Guanella Pass in winter can be formidable, and has earned the Elephant Ride's reputation as "the highest, coldest motorcycle event in the world." On the other hand, the unpredictable weather in Colorado sometimes produces warm, dry riding.

For additional information contact: Greg Ray (303)232-7475, [email protected]

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