SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This! Staff
by Staff
I have had quite a few bikes in my time. From the old kx-60 at 8 years old to the Ducati 996 and a GSXR race bike. To date, I have owned 7 italian "superbikes" and in 2002 I finally found the best bike ever (so I thought). The Ducati MS4 with two up in the back and one down in the front, along with other mods of course;)...

At track days the liter rice rockets were just not as nible and although I could not pull them in the strait and they could not get away, the turns were where the monster showed it's true colors. The exhaust served as the 3rd leg, so there was no need to hang off of the bike like a fool and stick our your knee. You lose time doing things like that. I like to be on the gas going side to side like I am sure you do. The MS4 is so nible and has so much low end power it is simply, fantastic.
Needless to say, my friends were pretty pissed because after all, it wasn't a sport bike. Like almost any motorcyle, at the end of the day it is the rider that knows how to apply the bike and it's power that will win. Monsters smokin GSXR 1000's is a feeling that can not be described by words, only stupid grins. The Ducati MS4 the best bike- BACK THEN.

You see, I grew up on MX bikes and although I was fast when I moved up into the streetbike scene I always "just knew" something wasn't right. When ripping the mountains in Hawaii I would always think in the back of my head- Man, I wish I had a CR-500 with street tires...

Here comes Aprilia with the SXV 4.5. Read the MO review but better yet go ride one. You will have the most fun you have ever had. In the urban jungle you need a tool. In the 4.5 13,000 RPM Aprilia SXV it doesn't get much better and above 8,000 RPM it sounds (oh so sweet the maxed out v-twins) and pulls like pure superbike. It is truly hard to belive this thing is only 450cc. I am giving the streetbike boyz hell out there and traffic, well let's just say, it no longer exists. This is the ultimate hooliagan motorcycle..

I have never laughed or smiled more.
The MS4- in storage now as a collecters item...

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