Ducati Gets an Honor

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From Ducati:
This morning, in the courtyard of Bologna City Hall, the ManagingDirector of Ducati Motor Holding, Carlo di Biagio, presented to Mayor ofthe City, Giorgio Guazzaloca, the Ducati 998 Factory bike, on which wasapplied the coat of arms of Bologna City Council.

The aim of the initiative is to underline the close ties between theBorgo Panigale manufacturer and its city. In 2001 Ducati reached an important landmark in its history: its 75thanniversary...

In this long period Ducati, which has always had its roots in the area,has worked to consolidate its position in the international markets interms of turnover, product and prestige, and at the same time has becomeone of the most recognised symbols of "Made in Italy" throughout theworld.

Today Ducati is an important industrial reality, one that is at theforefront in its high-performance sportsbikes sector and, thanks to itscommercial success in the world, has also helped to spread the cultureand traditions of its city.

Furthermore Ducati continues to win not only on the internationalmarkets, but also on race-tracks throughout the world, where the redbikes from Borgo Panigale have dominated the World SuperbikeChampionship, winning 10 Constructors' and 9 Riders titles in 14editions.

"It is our wish to create a synergy and implement close ties between ourcompany and the City of Bologna," declared Managing Director Carlo DiBiagio. "The union between industrial and sporting activities and theirroots in the territory of Bologna create close ties between us, and forour company they are a source of great pride. The opportunity to bear thecoat of arms of the City of Bologna on the fairings of the officialDucati bikes will further strengthen the rapport between the two, inparticular due to the original and unique nature of the partnership".

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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