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I'm looking for winter tire advice for an SV650S (curvy).

Takes 120/60ZR17 front and 160/60ZR17 rear.

Currently using: Metzeler ME Z4 (Front); Shinko Raven 009 (Rear).

Want to ride down to about 15F (-9C). Ride 10% gravel, 70% multilane freeway, 20% urban (with streetcar tracks). I do ride in the wet without hesitation.

Tires I'm considering are: Pirelli MT60RS Corsas [chunky enduro tread]; Michelin Pilot Roads; Metzeler ME Z6s.

Other's that sound plausible are P.Powers, Diablos (not Corsas), and Sportec M1s and if I can find ones to fit maybe even recent Avons 49/50s (love the look of their rain tires, but I can't get a front the right size). Though the Powers and Sportecs are probably hell on gravel ...

Fast warm up in cold temps; good wet surface handling and okay gravel handling are what I'm aiming at.

Suggestions from MOfos who actually ride a motorcycle on a regular basis below freezing would be welcome.
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