Calling All Buellers

Kpaul has been seduced by the Firbolt XB-12R. I am going to go out and spend my stock bonus.. But first I am going to test ride it just to make sure..

Questions for the Buell Brigade?

  • Can you do all the maintenance on your own? i.e. I am all thumbs mechanically. I can change oil and sparkplugs (and gap them) but anything more than that .Self adjusting valves right? Fuel Injection no carbs right?.
  • If you use synthetic oil, how long can you go between oil changes?
  • How is the Buell on tires? How much are they?
  • How about insurance? Right now I have full coverage and liabilty. Does anyone have Harley insurance?
  • How are the Harley dealers when it comes to Buell service
  • How much can you dicker on the price of a Buell? no second stickers right?
  • Any reliability issues with the new Buells ?

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