Oh It is On McWilliams is Ready for Laguna

John P Burns
by John P Burns
A highly placed source within Buell racing who probably wishes to remain anonymous but I forgot to ask, really, who did not used to be the Editor of Cycle magazine, reports following a day of testing that the XB-RR of McWilliams is running better than ever.

Also, the XB-RR will be running new, 16.5-in. wheels at Laguna, as well as Pirelli's Grade A rubber--tires never available to the team before.

McWilliams has asked for a slipper clutch from day one. Now he has one, and it reportedly works well.

Finally, McWilliams has ridden Laguna Seca before, on Kenny Roberts' GP bikes.

Look for a Buell on the FX podium, haters. The race, I believe, is schedjed on the Speed channel directly following the GP race in which Rossi will kick all their assets again.

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John P Burns
John P Burns

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