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by Staff
This is the rest of my story about a proposed ride from Arizona to Pennsylvania on a Concours. Up front, I didn't make the trip. If you want to know why, read the rest...

First off, let me say, I was surprised, no actually somewhat shocked, that so many people responded to my situation. Honda had it right when they said, You meet the nicest people...", and if you can finish the quote, you pretty much know how old I am. Thank you to everyone for putting in your two cents worth. The general populations answer could be summed up in three words: "Go for it!" What else should I have expected. Now the rest of the story.

I had about given up on finding a nice, meaning not banged up and repaired, or beat to crap Concours in my area so I was traveling to parts unknown. That's why I was looking in AZ for a Connie.

Anyway, I travel to Pittsburgh on occasional business and on the way back from the last trip, I spotted out of the corner of my eye, no kiddin' a blue Concours, sitting in a used car dealership, just outside of Titusville, about an hour's drive from my house! I wheeled the Cadillac around and went back to look it over. What a great looking bike I thought as I checked it over. I thought there must be something wrong...the paint looked brand new. I said to myself it's either a reconstruction, or they're asking way too much. The place looked closed so I went up the driveway to the nearest house, thinking the owner the dealership lived there. "No, it's not mine I was told. Funny he's not there. He never leaves his bikes outside." With that response, I decided to wait. And I did for about an hour.

After no sight of the owner, I decided to pick up a business card, and call later once home. I called, left a message that I was interested in the bike, and got a call from Joe the next day. He told me the bike had a clean title, was never dropped nor in an accident to the best of his knowledge. He was selling it for a friend who got the bike in trade for a piece of property. His friend had not ridden before, and the Concours would be his first bike. I thought that it's not a bike for first timers, but hey, you gotta learn somehow. As it turns out, the 'new owner' was very apprehensive about the bike and after riding it a couple of times, decided it wasn't his best first choice.

After talking about it with my wife, I decided to make an offer. To make a long story short, I am now the proud owner of the 2001 Kawasaki Concours, with 12,000 miles. In the two or so weeks I've had the bike, I've put on about 500 miles, and I didn't have to make a long trip on a questionable ride! Once again, thanks to all for offering suggestion. I do regret not making the trip to some degree, but who knows what the future holds?


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