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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
NOTE: The links in the press release are functioning but Fiat's webpage may not be. Try www.fiat.com to check it out.--Pete

From Ducati:

The exclusive Panda Monster can only be discovered on the Net

The Panda Monster, which is the fruit of a partnership between FIAT andDUCATI and epitomizes Italian spirit and Italian cars around the world, isabout to be launched. This Special Series will be a limited edition - withjust 695 vehicles. Its design takes inspiration from the new Ducati Monster695 motorbike which was given a worldwide preview last February at the ŒMotoShow¹ in Paris.

So this really is an exclusive product and Fiat is willing to break awayfrom traditional sales techniques for it. In fact, the Panda Monster is notavailable in car showrooms and there is just one way to get a better look atit. That is, as of April 20th, to hook up to the following web sites www.pandamonster.fiat.it www.pandamonster.fiat.it or www.pandamonster.fiat.com. www.pandamonster.fiat.com Here, the generalpublic can access the photo gallery, find out about the car¹s technicalfeatures and actually ³see² the interior of the vehicle thanks to videofootage and animation.

At this stage, if interested, the potential buyer can make an appointment attheir nearest showroom by filling in a specific form requesting furtherinformation. However, given the extremely limited number of vehiclesavailable, not everyone will be able to buy the car so we advise you to sendthe form off as soon as possible. The interested party, who will becontacted by the dealer, will be able to go to the showroom to find out moreabout this new vehicle and about its on the road cost (as a matter of factthe price is negotiable).

Those who buy the exclusive Panda Monster will receive an invitation (for 2people) to ³Mad for Motors² which will take place from the 9th to 11th Juneat the Santa Monica circuit in Misano Adriatico. What¹s more Panda Monsterowners will have the opportunity to go to the Fiat Style Centre in Turin tomeet the designers who created this unique vehicle.

With its sinuous curves and feline bearing the Panda Monster is based on the4x4 version (the best selling off-road vehicle in Italy). It also boasts afantastic 70hp 1.3 Multijet engine and a wide variety of features unique tothis model. From its automatic climate control system, to its hands freeBluetooth kit, to its radio with CD and MP3 player. The exterior of thevehicle is characterized by the ³appealingly aggressive style² of theDucati Monster. This look is also highlighted by its ³rich black coat² andother stylistic features such as its external moulding, roof bars, airintake and the rim of its rear light clusters and headlights which are allrigorously black. All the rear windows are also dark in colour. In contrast,the grille and bumper are metallic in colour and the gold colour of thebrake calipers can be seen through the alloys. The same sporty look iscarried through to the car¹s interior which boasts black leather andAlcantara Starlight upholstery. In a nutshell the Panda Monster is ³Made inItaly² at its very best.

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