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I've had a bad feeling during the last decade or so about the fashion of riders of cruiser motorcycles referring to each other as "bikers" and dressing like extras from late-60s outlaw biker movies.

The original connotation of the word "biker" was "outlaw" -- as in violent, extortionist, racketeering gangs who happen to ride motorcycles. There used to be a clear distinction between "bikers" and motorcyclists.

At the time I started riding, "bikers" were feared, and motorcyclists steered clear of them and had no desire to emulate them or be associated with them.

Now, in the interest of fashion, the line has been blurred between criminals who ride motorcycles and law-abiding cruiser riders who dress up like them.

These days there is no easy way for the general public to differentiate between "Bikers for Babies" and "Bikers Involved in Drug Slaying." They ride bikes that look the same and they all dress the same. And they all answer to the name "biker."

Every time the outlaws commit some horrendous act and get press coverage, the public looks at the headline and thinks ill of all of us:

Maybe it's time for motorcyclists to clearly differentiate themselves from members of organized crime enterprises who happen to ride motorcycles. They are not our "brothers."
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