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Forget about the heat on your gas tank to removal those ugly stickers that refuse to peel off your new scoot. Ride you pride and joy down to your local car wash that offers high pressure wands, as most of them do. Ride into your stall, feed the meter the proper amount of quarters and set the dial to wash. Put the nozzel (hopefully if will have a rubber tip) at the edge of the sticker, probably at about the two o'clock angle. You should be blasting hot, soapy water. After a few seconds you should see the leading edge of the sticker start to lift....and that's it. Continue to blast away and the whole sticker will just lift, peel off and fly away. You will be left with some sticky stuff but any good wash and wax compound should get rid of that with ease. I discovered this trick when I bought a bright red Honda EXV6 and the dealer had attached his promo sticker which was about the size of a credit card and was white, and butt ugly. Good luck. MackBear

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