AMA Gives Thumbs-Up to the XBRR Staff
by Staff
From AMA Racing:

February 10, 2006

AMA Pro Racing confirmed today that the Buell XBRR motorcycle, the race-kitted variant of the road-going XB12R, is eligible for competition in the AMA Formula Xtreme Series.

In making the announcement AMA Pro Racing Director of Competition,Merrill Vanderslice noted that AMA Pro Racing technical personnel haveinspected the motorcycle and it was determined that Buell has met therequirements for the XBRR to be eligible for AMA Formula Xtreme.

“By design, Formula Xtreme rules are the most liberal of all the classeswithin the AMA Superbike Championship,” stated Vanderslice. “The classwas created with broad equipment parameters and air-cooled V-twins areafforded the most latitude. Buell has based this motorcycle on its XB12Rstreet bike and the modifications made are within the rules allowed inthe class.”

Vanderslice acknowledged that a press release distributed by Buell toannounce the motorcycle may have created some confusion as to the bike’seligibility.

“Regardless of the wording in the release, the bottom line is that Buellhas produced a racetrack version of an existing street motorcycle andmodified it within the rules,” he noted. “We were aware of Buell’s plansand inspected the motorcycle on Friday, Feb. 3 as part of the approvalprocess.

“The intent of the Formula Xtreme class is to include a diverse group ofmotorcycles, and we welcome Buell’s increased participation in AMAchampionship racing. We are confident the company’s inclusion willenhance the sport of motorcycle road racing.”

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