Sporty Bike With Comfortable Pillion?

I am busy planning my next bike purchase and doing the usual reading of reviews and such. One thing that nearly always gets left out of reviews is the issue of pillion comfort. All I want is an up-to-date sporty bike that can haul two-up with reasonable comfort. I am not interested in riding cruisers and a lot of so-called STs seem pretty bloated. A "standard" would do except for the fact that you are so often buying old technology (carbs, dual shocks, non-USD forks, etc.) and this really bugs me. Does such a bike exist? Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

MO is just now taking delivery of five such sporty tourers and trying to coerce three pillion passengers along for the ride. Failing that, we'll conscript Ashley to ride shotgun on them all and file a report... stay tuned. Until that time, suggestions, MOFOs? --MO

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