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Honda Offers Track Ready RC51s

By Brent Plummer, Oct. 19, 2000
As if the Honda RC51 (known as the VTR1000SP-1 in Europe) isn't fast enough in stock form, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) will now offer racing versions of the bike that (with Colin Edwards at the helm) just won the World Superbike title.

There will be two incarnations: an affordable model and one sporting a price tag that would choke a starving Beluga whale...

Following is official word from Honda:

Flashy paint job not included.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- American Honda is pleased to announce that the World Superbike Championship VTR1000SP-1 racing platform can now be ordered in the U.S. Racing enthusiasts of Honda's street-going RC51 can select from two versions of the racing SP-1 from Honda Racing Corporation's (HRC) authorized dealer in the US, Thousand Oaks Honda.

The HRC VTR1000SP-1 Basic Racer is an entry-level professional racing machine that eliminates all unnecessary parts from the mass production RC51. With a suggested retail price of $14,999 US, features include:

  • HRC-designed racing exhaust
  • High-flow induction system with racing-specification Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for optimum fuel injection and injection settings.
  • Simplified wiring harness
  • Optimized frame with an HRC-designed steering damper.
  • Race-spec tires

The VTR1000SP-1 Complete Racer is a fully-fitted racing machine that features all of the HRC Kit race-developed parts from engine to suspension, and is fully capable of winning World and AMA Superbike races. The Complete Racer has the same specifications as the HRC works machine and is loaded with the latest HRC racing technology. The suggested retail price of the VTR1000SP-1 Complete Racer is $107,999 US. Features include:

  • HRC-designed engine components, including crankshaft, cylinder heads, valve train, camshafts and drive gears, pistons, connecting rods, clutch, generator, radiators, exhaust system, ECU and more.
  • Body panels, fuel tank, wheels, swingarm, subframe, brake discs and calipers, levers and brackets, chain and sprockets and more.

Delivery of the VTR1000SP-1 Basic Racer and Complete Racer will be March 2001.Inquiries should be directed to Thousand Oaks Honda, 2594 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, California 91362 USA, telephone 805.371.3000, FAX 805.379.1882 or visit the Thousand Oaks Honda HRC web site: www.hrcusa.com.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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