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by Motorcycle.com Staff

ZB50's are the best and rarest minibikes ever!

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Oct. 13, 2004
Does anybody know where I could get parts for mine? you can reach me at [email protected]

Heres some info on them:
The ZB50 is a very rare, and cool looking mini-bike bike! Due to the high cost of manufacturing the ZB50, Honda sold it only for two model years (1987 to 1988) in Japan called the Monkey R and Monkey RT (50cc 4 stroke 4 speed clutch) and only one year (1988) in the USA-ZB50. My local Honda dealer told me that each dealer was limited to only 2 ZB50s at a cost of around $1700 brand new. The ZB50 is probably the rarest of all minibikes sold in the US (and Japan too!)! The ZB is also much rarer (and more fun!) than the 1986 Honda Z50 Christmas Special!

All bikes are welcome at MO, even cute little ones - MO

The ZB50 did not sell well in the USA because during that same year (1988) Yamaha was also selling a 50cc street bike called the YSR50. The YSR50 had full plastic fairing and a 2 stroke 50cc 5 speed manual transmission, easily beating the 4 stroke ZB50 in stock form. Too bad Honda did not introduce their 50cc 2 stroke liquid cooled 6 speed NSR50into the US market! Then there would of been good competition!!!

The ZB50 is a very well built bike, (but sadly to say we got the Monkey RT version-dual purpose style, not the Monkey R-race version!!!). Everything on the bike is nice and built right, especially with the paint job on the frame and the gas tank. All painted parts have a good thick clear coat on them just like the full size sport bikes! The engine is a 4 stroke 50cc engine with a 3 speed semi-automatic. It is basicly the same engine used in the Mini-Trail 50, but has the upgraded roller bearing cam. This cam is good because it reduced the load needed to drive the valve train, meaning MORE POWER! The electrical system is not the old points type, but a fully electronic 12 volt C.D. ignition system (C.D.I.). The ZB50 is fully street legal with all lights and turn signals (just like any other motorcycle). Maximum speed is about 45 MPH in stock form, but acceleration is really poor. I would guess about 20 seconds from 0-45 MPH (depending on gearing) but still can't out run a stock YSR50.PARTS PLEASE!!
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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