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SV 650s for novice rider?

By George Obradovich, Mar. 09, 2004
Ok, I know this is one of those oft-repeated newbie lines of questioning, but I htought just the same I'd throw it out there... What would you experienced folks' opinion be of a Suzuki SV650S for a newbie rider.

Just to give you the background, I took the MSF course in early December, and then after getting my license purchased a used 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I put about 400 miles on that during the following month (riding when I could find the weather for it), but then I've had to lay off on riding for the past seven weeks on doctor's orders (I had LASIK surgery at the end of January, and they don't want you riding for 90 days afterwards.... bummer....) I've also ridden my friend's '89 Katana 750, which I could definitely see how you could get yourself in trouble with, although I really enjoyed riding it, as well as a V-Star 1100, which also was comfortable.

I'm thinking I may want to trade my Shadow Spirit in on something more in the sporty / standard line, and that's why I'm asking about this. I like riding it ok, but honestly I find the seating position along with the lack of wind protection not terribly comfortable for long rides. I'm sure I could put a windscreen on it, but honestly, the sportier breed of bikes just attracts me more now, and I think would be more pratical for long rides and commutes (50 miles each way) to boot.

Anyway, I don't want to jump in on something that's overly likely to get me in over my head, but rather to choose a bike that's somewhat forgiving, and would be a good learning mule, in addition to being fun and attractive (if it looks terrible, you're just not going to want to ride it). And if it's something that could carry me through a couple of years of riding, that would be great too. The SV650S seems to meet all these criteria, but I thought I'd check with the MO intelligentsia for some opinions as to its suitability for me.

Oh, and just for completeness, I'm about 6' tall, weigh 175 lbs., and am 28 years old.

Okay, so have at it. What do you think? Am I going to greatly increasing my chances of hurting myself over what I have? Will I find the panacea of all motorcycling in the SV650S? Have I begun to ramble annoyingly?

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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