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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Trolling for flames....

By Sean Alexander, Dec. 13, 2003

I noticed this in one of the catalogs that arrived in the mail and thought it was a joke. Guess not.

Harley Bubble

Part of me says, "well, most of us baby our bikes, and additing carbon fibre and/or chrome bits is mostly art, not performance, so maybe this is just the logical extension of that." Then I look at that picture again.....

If you've seen the crud that collects on your paint and bare metal bits, when you park near the coast in LA, you'd buy TWO of these things. One for your bike and one to sleep in. - Sean


Note to anyone interested in this product: The main cause of corrosion is oxygen -- If you really need something like this, build a box and fill it with nitrogen, argon, or some other inert gas. And for god sakes don't show it to anyone or you'll get taken off the Aerostitch mailing list forever. At least the gonads ordering fringed arm chaps occasionally ride -- I have a feeling most of the people who purchased this "best seller" could be stuffed and put in the bubble along with thier ride (maybe adding a little confetti snow for effect).

Let the jokes commence...

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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