Ducati: Reloaded

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Lacking anything serious to do Wednesday night, I hopped on MO's ST-4S test bike and rode down to my local theater to catch a late-night sneak-peek at The Matrix Reloaded. My excuse... well it does feature a transporter full of Ducatis and some inspired (and computer-assisted) riding by the lucious (but perhaps a little too herion chic looking) Trinity (Carry Ann Moss) The movie was excellent and the bike scenes were good as long as you keep in mind that it all takes place inside the Matrix. They even got the sounds right. (thanks MO movie watchers)

If you (like me) are a fan of The Matrix, read: Mmm... ...Trinity for a quick press release on The Matrix Reloaded, courtesy of our friends at Ducati.

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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