Moto DVD About Riding Trans-America Trail Released

Moto DVD About Riding Trans-America Trail Released

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 21, 2008
Calling it the "first ever motorcycle movie about the Trans-America Trail," Motorcycle Theater, LLC has released a DVD that documents two brothers trip over the off-road route across America that covers ten states. The trail begins in eastern Tennessee and ends at the Pacific Coast of Oregon and is made of jeep trails, logging trails, and un-paved public access roads. The trail is a popular adventure destination for dual sport motorcyclists, who ride street legal dirt bikes and off-road ready street bikes.

The video, Throttle Days: Dual Sport Adventure, tells the story of the Stosh Brothers who vow to ride 100 days on a motorcycle and film it, just to prove it can be done. Not having the resources of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, they embark on the 100 days one trip at a time, and film the adventure themselves. Seventy-five minutes in length, the movie claims to offer never before seen video footage from the Trans-America Trail in Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The movie was filmed and produced entirely by the riders, on a shoe-string budget of less than $5,000. The riders allegedly used no support vehicles, and camped on the trail, carrying all their equipment and food with them. Using specially designed cameras and mounts, the riders were able to film themselves riding without the use of chase vehicles. On the trail, riders faced mechanical breakdowns, vehicle wrecks, and challenging off-road conditions.

Throttle Days: Dual Sport Adventure is available as a DVD in the USA for $24.95 at

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