INTERMOT 2010: Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE Staff
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INTERMOT 2010: Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE

Special edition RSV4 with WSBK-bred technology
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Oct. 05, 2010
Hot on the heels of a World Superbike Championship comes a new special edition of the Aprilia RSV4.

Aprilia unveiled the RSV4 Factory Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) Special Edition at the 2010 INTERMOT show in Cologne, Germany. The APRC SE was developed using data from the 2010 World Superbike Championship that saw Aprilia claim the manufacturers title and Max Biaggi win the world championship riding the RSV4.

The RSV4 Factory APRC SE is equipped with a new electronic management system that includes traction control, wheelie control, launch control and quick shift.

Introducing the 2011 Aprila RSV4 Factory APRC Special Edition.

The Aprilia Traction Control system offers eight settings, selectable with a joystick mounted on the left handlebar to allow mode selection without closing the throttle. While other traction control systems are optimized for a specific size and type of tire, the ATC system automatically adjusts for use with different types of tires.

The Aprilia Wheelie Control system uses a patented wheelie detection system that predicts when a wheelie begins and ends. According to Aprilia, AWC helps to smooth wheel contact and avoid harsh power cuts or pick-up. The AWC has three settings and can be activated from the instrument panel independently from other control systems.

A joystick on the left handlebar is used to select from eight different traction control settings. The traction control buttons are also used to prime the launch control system.

Designed for the track, the Aprilia Launch Control system is designed to help riders get off to a good start. The rider first selects from one of three different settings on the instrument panel and then arms the system by squeezing both traction control buttons on the left handlebar joystick. When the race starts, the rider only needs to fully open the throttle and release the clutch and shift as normal.

The RSV4 Factory APRC SE is the first Aprilia model to come standard with the Quick Shift system. The AQS is designed to allow shifting without closing the throttle or using the clutch. It works by shortening the spark advance for an instant and then slowly restoring it. The AQS works with a new closer-spaced gearbox designed to limit rpm drop during shifting.

Other features include a new exhaust, dual display instrument panel for road and race use, optimized gear ratios and improved lubrication. The Aprilia RSV4 APRC SE also comes with an exclusive dual blend 200/55 tire.

The RSV4 APRC SE uses new engine and exhaust mapping developed during the WSBK season.

For more pictures, visit our Aprila RSV4 APRC Special Edition gallery. And dont forget to check out the rest of our INTERMOT 2010 coverage.

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