Hungarian GP in jeopardy

Construction may not be complete for Sept. 20 race

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Feb. 10, 2009
Construction delays at the new Balatonring circuit may put the Hungarian leg of the MotoGP calendar in jeopardy.

Istvan Gyenesei, Hungarian minister of local government, says construction of the $103-million track failed to begin on time and the 2.8-mile circuit may not be ready for the Hungarian Grand Prix scheduled for Sept. 20.

Gyenesei told news agency AFP the government has completed its part and the delays fall on Spanish construction company Sedesa.

Its very likely that the circuit wont be ready and the race wont be able to go ahead. But weve had no official word from the Spanish side, Gyenesei told AFP.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was scheduled to be the debut event on the circuit, located near Savoly, Hungary near the Lake Balaton tourist region. Hungary had previously hosted Grand Prix motorcycle races in 1992 and 1990.

The race was to replace the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, China, on the 2009 MotoGP calendar.

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