December 2009 recall notices

Harley-Davidson recalls 111,000 Touring models

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Dec. 15, 2009
After a recall-free November, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released recall notices for four manufacturers affecting 113,970 motorcycles in just the first two weeks of December.

The largest recall was issued for 111,569 Harley-Davidson tourers. The recall notice affects 2009 and 2010 Touring models including CVO Touring and Tri-Glide models. The fuel tanks on affected motorcycles may become distorted in frontal collisions, causing a fuel leak at a weld on the front bracket.

Harley-Davidson discovered the flaw during 30 mph 90 degree barrier impact testing on a 2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited. The test vehicle had small tears in the sheet metal of the fuel tank tunnel near the weld for the front fuel tank mounts. Additional tests determined the damage was caused by frame distortion caused by frontal impacts.

Harley-Davidson issued recall notices for 111,569 tourers including the Electra Glide Ultra Limited.

Harley-Davidson dealers will install braces designed to reduce front mount distortion under crash conditions.

BMW issued a recall notice for certain 2009 and 2010 K1300GT and K1300S. Poor fuel quality may result in small deposits in the throttle bodies. At low revs near idle speed or when coming to a stop, these deposits may restrict air flow, possibly causing the engine to stall. The problem was discovered during BMWs quality control monitoring. BMW received reports in July of engine failure.

An engine management software update will prevent engine stalling from fuel deposits in the throttle bodies restricting air flow.

The remedy is an engine management software update, provided free of charge from BMW. The recall notice affects 936 K1300S bikes produced between Sept. 11, 2008 and Oct. 13, 2009, and 1,083 K1300GT models produced between Oct. 17, 2008 and Nov. 19, 2009.

Kawasaki issued a recall notice for 2009 and 2010 Ninja 250R (EX250). The engine case on affected motorcycles may leak engine oil on the rear tire. The cause was identified as being porosity in the aluminum casting near a pressurized oil passage above the transmission output shaft.

Porous engine casings on some Kawasaki Ninja 250R models may leak oil onto the rear tire.

The issue was discovered after a complaint from Japan regarding an oil leak. An additional four cases were reported in Indonesia. After an investigation, Kawasaki discovered the test apparatus used to check engine cases for leaks had previously been malfunctioning. Further tests confirmed the engine cases may leak oil onto the rear tire on some 250R motorcycles.

Kawasaki dealers will inspect 2009 and 2010 Ninja 250R sportbikes by pressurizing the crankcase with air and checking for leaks. Units with signs of leakage will be repaired with a special sealant epoxy. The recall notice affects 259 units.

Buell issued a recall notice for the 2010 Ulysses XB12X and XB12XT manufactured between Aug. 20 and Sept. 30. Due to a manufacturing issue with a part supplier, the right footpeg mount may not conform to specifications. The flaw may cause the footpeg to move out of position, possibly leading to loss of control of the motorcycle.

In October, a deformed foot rest support was discovered on Buells assembly line. Buell halted production and parts distribution and upon further investigation, discovered the supplier used a non-approved high-temperature paint stripping process on a batch of 600 parts. The paint-stripping process had a negative effect on the aluminum forged footrest.

An error by a part supplier led to defective right footpeg mounts on some Buell Ulysses models.

Buell determined 13 Ulysses XB12X units and 10 Ulysses XB12XT units shipped before the stop order may contain the suspected parts. Dealers will replace defective footpeg mounts with parts manufactured under correct specifications.