BMW Offers Roadside Assistance IPhone App Staff
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BMW Offers Roadside Assistance iPhone App

Available now on iTunes
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 21, 2010
BMW Motorrad has released a new iPhone application offering roadside assistance in the United States.

The free iPhone application was developed in partnership with Allstate Roadside services and works with the BMW Motorrad USA Roadside Assistance program which comes standard for three years with every new BMW motorcycle purchase.

The BMW Motorrad USA Roadside Assistance is available for 1981 and newer motorcycles.
The application is compatible with any registered BMW motorcycle from model year 1981 and beyond registered in the U.S. After downloading the application, BMW owners can customize the settings for up to four motorcycles, recording information such as the model, color and Vehiclce Identification Number.

When needed, the app sends the motorcycles details and location from the iPhones GPS system to the BMW Motorrad USA Roadside Assistance call center. The app also provides telephone contact information to authorized BMW dealers and BMW Motorrad Customer Relations.

BMW Motorcycle riders appreciate the best technology on their bikes, says Jorge Soriano, BMW Motorcycle Aftersales manager. This App compliments the innovation that is put into every BMW Motorcycle produced.

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