BMW C1-E Enclosed Scooter Concept

BMW C1-E enclosed scooter concept

Vehicle demonstrates safety features
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Oct. 07, 2009
BMW has developed an electric concept version of its C1 enclosed scooter.

The BMW C1-E, prepared for the European Safer Urban Motorcycling (eSUM), was designed to represent safe and environmentally friendly vehicles of the future.

Like the C1, which was produced 2000-2003, the concept has a number of safety features such as a roll-over bar, energy-absorbing nose to soften head-on collisions and seat belts.

bmw c1 e enclosed scooter concept

The C1 came in 124cc and a 176cc models, both with Rotax engines and continuously variable transmission. The C1-E uses an electric motor from Vectrix powered by a lithium-ion battery, though an alternate version could be equipped with a low-emission combustion engine.

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