Biker films to take European tour

Brittown and Choppertown to be screened in 12 cities

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 04, 2008
One World Studios is bringing its award-winning motorcycle films on a tour of Europe.

The studio behind the 2005 documentary Choppertown: The Sinners and the 2008 follow-up Brittown, kicks off the One World Tour on June 18 in The Netherlands with an underground screening in Amsterdam.

The films’ co-poducers and directors Zack Coffman and Scott Di Lalla will be along for the tour which will take them across ten countries in 32 days for a series of screenings.<i>Brittown</i> will make its debut in several European countries during the One World Tour.

“Screenings of the film will be more like cultural events than just traditional sit-down screenings,” says Coffman. “We want people to bring out their bikes, eat good food and enjoy the free giveaways from the sponsors … and of course enjoy the films! Ten countries in five weeks ... it’s gonna be a wild trip.”

The Choppertown: The Sinners follows a group of California bikers, known as The Sinners, working together to build motorcycles from the ground up. Brittown features California motorcycle shop owner Jeff ‘Meatball’ Tulinius and his obsession with vintage British bikes.

“We want to thank our fans and friends without whom we never would be able to continue following our dreams,” says Di Lalla. “See you on the road.”

The One World Tour will include the following screenings:

  • June 18 Kick-off Party and screening in Amsterdam, Netherlands - at “The Movies” 10pm
  • June 19-20 Hamburg Harley Days, Germany - at Hafenbahnhof 8pm
  • June 23 Stockholm, Sweden - at Debaser 6 pm
  • June 25 Helsinki, Finland - at Texas Bar 8 pm
  • June 26 Munich, Germany - at Land Unter 6 pm
  • June 28-29 Newchurch, Austria - Tridays
  • June 30 Speyer, Germany - at The Flaming Star 8 pm
  • July 3 Barcelona, Spain - Bread & Butter
  • July 8 Paris, France
  • July 12 Venice, Italy - at Gasoline Bar Jesolo
  • July 19 London, UK - Tour finale at the world famous Ace Café

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