AGV Offers Helmet Trade-In Incentive Staff
by Staff
AGV is offering trade-in promotion where motorcyclists can turn in their old helmets for 20% off a new helmet.

The “Trade in your past: start fresh with a new AGV helmet” program runs from May 1 to June 15, 2011 and is offered at participating dealerships across the U.S. The goal of the program is to promote rider safety, as older helmets may lose their protective integrity over time as materials wear with use. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, most helmet manufacturers recommend replacing a helmet every two to four years, or sooner if there are any signs of damage.

“Many times we receive calls from our customers asking for parts for ten year old helmets,” says Roberto Sadowsky, vice president of operations at AGV Dainese USA, “but materials used in the fabrication of a helmet lose their integrity and performance with time. This gave us the idea to come up with a promotion that reflects and promotes the most important value for our brand: the safety of our riders.”

agv offers helmet trade in incentive, Need a new helmet AGV is offering 20 off on trade ins of old helmets
Need a new helmet? AGV is offering 20% off on trade-ins of old helmets.

There are some restrictions however. Discounts are only available towards select helmets. The new AGV helmet must also be in the same segment as the trade-in helmet. For example, if you trade in an open face helmet, you can only get the 20% discount if you use it on another open face helmet.

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