New Moto Guzzi V850X Coming as a Modern V7

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Production special a technical heir to the V7

Moto Guzzi is preparing a new special edition model based on the V7 but with modern styling. Spy photos of a camouflaged test bike were first uncovered by in late October, leading to speculation that it would appear at EICMA along with the V100 Mandello. That obviously didn’t happen, but can confirm that the bike is on the way, and will be called the Moto Guzzi V850X.

The spy photo (shared in’s Facebook post below) was reportedly taken by Oscar Malugani, an announcer for the Italian Trial Championship. The single photo offers a few details, such as the V7’s version of the air-cooled 853cc V-Twin engine, wire-spoke wheels, bodywork on the tail unlike current V7 model, and an unusual-looking front fairing that covers part of the upper forks. Thankfully, we’ve been able to uncover more information about the mystery model, including its name.

Piaggio, which owns Moto Guzzi, filed a trademark application on Sept. 23 with Italy’s Patent and Trademark Office for the V850X logo above, giving us a potential name. After a bit of searching, we discovered that Moto Guzzi had actually began setting up a page on its official website for the V850X. The page is incomplete, with a photos of the V100 Mandello serving as placeholders. The text, however, describes a motorcycle that matches what we can see in the spy photo. [UPDATE Dec. 22: After we broke the news, Moto Guzzi had the page taken down. It will still show up in Google search results for a little while.]

Translated from Italian, the page describes the V850X as a “production special” and a “technical heir” to the Moto Guzzi V7. The styling is described as being “unconventional, brash, innovative” and abandoning the classic V7 style for a more “modern, original” look influenced by California motorcycle culture. The page elaborates on the California connection, saying the V850X was designed at the Piaggio Advanced Design Center under the direction of Miguel Galluzzi in in Pasadena, “where trends are born and go around the world.”

The page further describes the styling as a “synthesis of different worlds such as the flat track and that of the scrambler”, while also not fitting into any one specific category.

The site also confirms some details about the V850X. The headlight is a single LED with an eagle-shaped daytime running light, similar to other Moto Guzzi models, but the light is surrounded by a one-piece fairing with two descending protectors for the fork legs, which seems to describe what we see in’s photo.

The engine is described as a 90° V-Twin derived from the V85 TT, just like the V7 engine. On the V7 range, the engine claims a peak output of 65 hp, but the V850X bumps that up to a claimed 66.5 hp, thanks to a new Arrow exhaust system. Moto Guzzi will also have a lower-powered version for regions with A2 licenses.

The instrumentation is described as a single circular shape, with elements of the eagle silhouette. The display shows information such as the odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, air temperature, average speed, traction control level, and gear indicator.

The frame is described as having a reinforced steering head, which is also how Moto Guzzi describes the V7 III frame. The V850X, however, has a longer swingarm and more efficient Kayaba shock absorbers plus a larger section rear tire. Speaking of tires, the V850X will come with Michelin Anakee II tires, which suggests some off-road versatility.

The page claims a weight of 213 kg, or 470 pounds, which is about 10 pounds lighter than the claimed curb weight of the V7 Stone and V7 Special. The site also confirms the V850X will come in two color options: Sunshine Yellow and Twilight Gray.

That Piaggio had set up a web page and filed for a logo suggests the V850X will be revealed shortly, likely early in the new year.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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