2023 Indian Challenger Elite First Look

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

For Indian fans who want the ultimate Challenger

You know who you are: You love the Indian Challenger, but it just quite isn’t enough for you. You want something super exclusive. Well, Indian’s got good news for you. Today, Indian unveiled the 2023 Challenger Elite. The name alone should tell you it’s something special, but as usual, it’s all in the details.

First, a number: 150. That’s how many Challenger Elites will be manufactured – in the world. Second, there’s the exclusive Sapphire Blue Smoke Paint with Black Smoke and Titanium Metallic Smoke Accents, which was hand-laid by angels and fanned dry with their wings. Third, the Elite is based on a strong bagger package. The PowerPlus engine peaks at a claimed 122 hp at the crank and 128 lb-ft of torque. All of this is controlled via three selectable ride modes. Other performance features include an electronically adjustable rear suspension preload from Fox. The rider can see further down the road with the adaptive LED Headlight and LED driving lights. Comfort features, like an adjustable flare windscreen, Select floorboards, and heated grips, help you settle in for the long haul. Next, come the premium electronics, with cruise control and 6.5” Powerband Audio with Saddlebag Speakers to keep the scenery scrolling on by underneath the new Precision Cut five-spoke wheels.

If this description has your palms sweaty, and you want to be certain nobody at your local bike night will have a Challenger that looks like yours, the 2023 Indian Challenger Elite might just be for you.

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Evans Brasfield
Evans Brasfield

Like most of the best happenings in his life, Evans stumbled into his motojournalism career. While on his way to a planned life in academia, he applied for a job at a motorcycle magazine, thinking he’d get the opportunity to write some freelance articles. Instead, he was offered a full-time job in which he discovered he could actually get paid to ride other people’s motorcycles – and he’s never looked back. Over the 25 years he’s been in the motorcycle industry, Evans has written two books, 101 Sportbike Performance Projects and How to Modify Your Metric Cruiser, and has ridden just about every production motorcycle manufactured. Evans has a deep love of motorcycles and believes they are a force for good in the world.

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  • Atrius Atrius on Nov 09, 2022

    How about a stripped down Challenger without the fairing, stereo, navigation, and hard bags?
    That I might be interested in

  • Starmag Starmag on Nov 09, 2022

    $36K if you can get one. 900lbs. $40 a pound. Perfect accessory for your $100K F-350 Limited.