October 28, 2021
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2022 BMW K1600GT, GTL, B and Grand America Announced

As we previously reported, BMW has updated its K1600 models for 2022, revising the six-cylinder engine to meet the Euro 5 emissions standard and adding a number of small but notable upgrades.

For 2022, the K1600 range will again consist of the sportier K1600GT, the more touring-focused K1600GTL and the streamlined K1600B bagger. The K1600 Grand America also returns as an optional package for the K1600B.

Visually, the 2022 models don’t look too different from the previous version. As illustrated in the juxtaposed images below, the windscreen has been reshaped and the headlight is a much smaller design than the previous model. The radio antenna is also missing, now fully integrated into the bodywork for a more streamlined look.

The 1649cc Inline-Six returns for 2022, receiving a new engine control unit, two knock sensors and two additional lambda probes. According to BMW, they help to optimize ignition timing while also allowing the use of a wider range of fuel quality. The four lambda sensors (two located on the exhaust manifolds joined by two new sensors positioned behind the catalytic converters) allow for more precise measurement of the residual oxygen level in the exhaust gases, which lets the ECU better optimize the air-fuel mixture and ignition.

These changes help to reduce the emission levels to meet Euro 5, with BMW also claiming improved performance. According to BMW, the engine claims the same peak output of 160 hp, but it now comes at 6,750 rpm instead of 7,750 rpm with the old engine. The claimed peak torque is now 133 lb-ft. at 5,250 rpm, a 4 lb-ft. increase.

BMW also added a new six-axis IMU and a new engine drag torque control system (MSR) to help manage rear wheel slip. A form of traction control, MSR compares the rotation speed of the two wheels and, with the help of the IMU, determines how much rear wheel slip can be safely allowed. When down-shifting, for example, the system opens the throttle valves to level out the drag torque and maintain stability. In the Road and Rain ride modes, MSR is tuned to maximize riding stability. When the Dynamic mode is active, the system is a bit more lenient, allow slightly more slip before kicking in.

The six-axis IMU also allows the K1600 models to use the “Next Generation” version of the BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). The suspension automatically adjusts the damping forces on the Duolever front suspension and rear shock to optimize damping comfort and stability even when leaned over.

BMW previously offered an adaptive headlight as an option for K1600 models, but for 2022, the line gets a new full LED adaptive lamp as standard equipment. The light maintains a constant horizon even when the bike is leaned over, helping provide better illumination through corners. The new light works up to a 35° angle compared to 24° on the previous unit, and tilts up or down 2° to compensate for acceleration and braking. The new module uses nine LEDs as a low-beam headlight and four additional LEDs for high-beam, and adopts a more angular cat-eye shape than the previous K models’ circular LED lights.

Behind the fairing, the old K1600 models’ analog dash has been completely replaced by the 10.25-inch full color TFT that BMW has been adopting on most of its touring models. The wide aspect ratio allows to display to run in full screen or split screen modes, so, for exmaple, you could have a navigation map to be shown alongside the instrument cluster at the same time.

The K1600GTL and Grand America come standard with BMW’s new audio system 2.0 (the K1600GT and K1600B can have it fitted as an option). The 2.0 version includes new bass-boost, treble-boost and voice and balanced profiles plus a studio profile optimized for listening without helmet audio system. According to BMW, the new audio system offers a highly flexible sound architecture with a wide range, even when traveling at high speeds. BMW will include a one-year subscription to SiriusXM satellite radio with the audio system 2.0.

2022 BMW K1600GT – $23,895

The K1600GT comes standard in a Black storm metallic color and a light white/racing blue metallic/racing red “Sport” style.

For a premium, BMW will also offer the GT in an Option 719 style with Mineral White metallic paint (shown above with an optional diamond top-stitched brown saddle).

2022 BMW K1600GTL – $26,895

The 2022 BMW K1600GTL comes in a standard Black Storm metallic or the Exclusive style Gravity Blue metallic pictured above. The Option 719 version is Mineral White metallic.

2022 BMW K1600B – $22,545

The K1600B will be offered in the standard Black Storm and a Manhattan metallic matt Exclusive style color. The Option 719 “Midnight” version (pictured above) is a special Meteoric dust II metallic color with galaxy-themed graphics applied using a water transfer printing method. The printing method uses backing films activated in water baths to transfer the graphics to the bodywork. A coat of two-component clear is then applied to seal in the graphics.

2022 BMW K1600 Grand America – $27,745


The Grand America is offered in the same color schemes as the K1600B including the Midnight Option 719 version. The K1600 Grand America is technically considered a package for the bagger, adding a top case, audio system 2.0, floorboards, and a higher windscreen.


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