UPDATE: Leaked Photo & Patent Filings Reveal Details of 2019 Indian FTR1200 Production Model

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Indian has filed a patent application for a modular motorcycle design that may reveal the production version of the FTR1200 and perhaps a couple of model variants. The patent illustrations primarily show a motorcycle that closely resembles the FTR1200 Custom, a concept that itself is based on the FTR750 flat track racer. We know that the Indian FTR1200 will enter production in 2019, and the patent filings gives us an idea on what it will look like.

The patent describes an exhaust system that ends in a pair of silencers to the right of the swingarm assembly instead of the high-mounted exhausts seen on the concept. Also new is the rectangular display, possibly a TFT screen, above the handlebar.

The patent describes a few variations, but they all describe a bike with a steel trellis frame supporting a liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. The primary example described, pictured above, resembles the FTR1200 Custom concept, though there are some variations to the trellis frame and swingarm geometry. Where it differs from the concept is the addition of aluminum side plates at the back of the crank case for mounting the foot controls and the swingarm pivot.

One unusual element of the design is the placement of the battery (236) between the front wheel and the crankcase and below the radiator. The V-Twin engine is left mostly blank here, but further diagrams suggest different powerplants are being considered.

The swingarm is asymmetrical, with a single shock offset to the right side and connecting to the right side plate.

As pictured below in figures 6 through 8, the patent describes a couple of variants to the trellis design to suit different engines. Of the three examples included, Fig. 7 resembles the front cylinder head of the Scout, based on what we can see of the cylinder exterior and the angled exhaust port. Fig. 8 uses a mounting bracket (112) to connect engine to the frame, suggesting a smaller engine.

The patent also describes other variations to the swingarm and side panel designs. The variants suggest the FTR1200 will be joined by further new models, which may include engines beyond the Scout’s 1133cc V-Twin. These variants may take different forms from the FTR’s flat tracker look and could include scrambler or perhaps café racer variants, much like Harley-Davidson aims to do with its new modular platform.

We expect the 2019 Indian FTR1200 production model, and possibly other offshoots, to debut in the months ahead, at either Intermot, AIMExpo or EICMA. We’ll have more information here on Motorcycle.com as it becomes available.

This Just In…

A photo circulating online shows a motorcycle that appears to match the patent illustrations but with more street legal details such as reflectors on the fork tubes. Based on the patent filing, we would say this photo looks legit.

Supposedly this is the #FTR1200. This is a “leaked” image. Could be photoshop… Or? What are your thoughts? Bottom pic is the “prototype” https://t.co/blRdBgKAy2 pic.twitter.com/NxUyqR5Yym

— DanDanTheFireMan (@DanTheFiremanYT) September 13, 2018

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  • Allison Sullivan Allison Sullivan on Sep 17, 2018

    So. October 1 it is ...

  • Lederhosen Lederhosen on Sep 17, 2018

    "What you see is pretty much what you gunna get... add blinkers, legal exhaust, license plate." -- Ola Stenegard (Indian's Head of Product Design), when asked more or less how closely the production FTR 1200 will be to the FTR1200 Custom featured in the "Just Build It" teaser video campaign

    Sorry, to my eye these are two completely different motorcycles. I had major interest in the FTR 1200 Custom. I have zero interest in this leaked FTR 1200 production model.