The general public is well versed in the reputation bikers have for being bad and tough, but motorcyclists know that riders – be they in sportybike leathers or biker colors – have big hearts. Why else would all of those poker runs and fundraisers for various charities take place every riding season? Well, motorcyclists also know that riders come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages, and here’s a story that illustrates all of the good characteristics of riders or all stripes.

In Sydney, Nova Scotia, fourth grade student Xander Rose has suffered through extended bullying for being mixed race and because of his size. When local school officials didn’t do their jobs to help Rose, a group of bikers rode in to help in the form of the Defenders Of The Children advocacy group. On Wednesday morning, approximately 150 bikers showed up to ride with Rose to school as a show of solidarity for the 10 year old – and as a reminder to the bullies about who had Rose’s back.

In a time of seemingly incessant bad news around the world, it’s nice to hear about motorcyclists banding together to help out a friend in need. To read more about the event and the support of Rose, check out the link below.

Nova Scotia bikers escort 10-year-old bullying victim to school