Leave it to none other than the Spanish-based El Solitario to shake up the custom bike scene. While we can always appreciate the perfection of custom builds such as the likes of Roland Sands, the great thing about custom builds is beauty is in the eye of the… build-holder?

el solitario

Enter El Solitario’s creation, “Impostor.” Here we have a Mad Max-esque, raw metal-laden, brand new BMW R NineT. While mostly stock R NineT bits, BMW S1000RR suspension is used front and rear, as well as other aftermarket pieces to complete the look. The aesthetic is raw yet refined. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone create something completely different. Even if you’re not into the look of this particular bike, there is no denying the originality.

“We know a lot more now than when we started this long journey,” says David Borras, “and our motorcycles are getting closer to our ideal. At first, we followed the rules as we didn’t know better, but slowly the wild side became present and more and more dominant in our agenda, only limited by the necessity of our art to be rideable, and rideable hard.”

Another plus in my mind is the builder’s statement about the bike being, “rideable, and rideable hard.” Form and function.

el solitario

I look forward to more bike builds and really anything else coming out of the minds of the Galician-based El Solitario crew. Check out their website to see previous builds among other information.