2021 BMW R NineT Models Updated for Euro 5

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

BMW revealed its 2021 R NineT line-up, with an updated engine to meet Euro 5 requirements, a new rear shock and a new range of Option 719 customization components. For 2021, the line will consist of four models: the R NineT, R NineT Pure, R NineT Scrambler and R NineT Urban G/S. As we previously reported, the cafe-styled R NineT Racer has been removed from the lineup.

Apart from the updated cylinder head design and new color options, the styling of the 2021 R NineT remains similar to last year’s model.

To meet the more stringent Euro 5 emissions standard, the R NineT’s air- and oil-cooled 1170cc Boxer receives a new cylinder head with new covers, new throttle valves and a new turbulence system which helps to swirl the air-fuel mixture for more efficient and cleaner combustion. According to BMW, the updated engine claims a peak output of 109 hp at 7250 rpm, down from the previous 110 hp at 7250 rpm. Peak torque remains the same, at a claimed 86 lb-ft. at 6000 rpm, but BMW says the new swirling effect produces a noticeable improvement between 4000 and 6000 rpm.

All four R NineT models receive a new rear suspension with travel-dependent damping (BMW-speak for a progressive shock) and a new hand wheel for adjusting spring preload.

Lean-sensitive ABS Pro is now standard for the R NineT line, as are the new Rain and Road ride modes. Other updates include a new instrument cluster, LED lighting, and a USB charging socket.

BMW R nineT family

BMW also offers a range of “Option 719” accessories including various wheels, milled parts and other styling upgrades for each R NineT model.

2021 BMW R NineT

BMW R nineT family

The standard R NineT comes in Blackstorm metallic with brushed aluminum as well as three Option 719 colorways: Night Black matt/Aluminum matt, Mineral White metallic/Aurum, and Aluminum.

BMW also offers a Riding Modes Pro upgrade which adds a sportier “Dyna” mode, plus dynamic traction control and engine drag torque.

2021 BMW R NineT Pure

BMW R nineT family

The R NineT Pure is also available with the standard model’s Riding Modes Pro. The Pure is available in Mineral Grey Metallic or Teal Blue metallic matt (pictured above), as well as the Option 719 Blackstorm metallic/Racing Red, Option 719 Cosmic Blue metallic/Lightwhite or Option 719 Aluminum.

2021 BMW R NineT Scrambler

BMW R nineT family

The R NineT Scrambler has two standard paint options: Granite Grey metallic matt and Kalamata metallic matt with tape. The Option 719 colors include Blackstorm metallic/Racing Red or the Cosmic Blue metallic/Lightwhite pictured above.

2021 BMW R NineT Urban G/S

BMW R nineT family

The R NineT Urban G/S joins the rest of BMW’s GS models with a 40th anniversary edition black and yellow color scheme honoring the original R 100 GS. The standard Urban G/S comes in Alpine White with tape, and the Option 719 Blackstorm metallic/Racing Red.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Mechanicus Mechanicus on Oct 23, 2020

    I applaud the round headlight and the lack of the beak; refreshing in these manga-praying-mantis-emulating times. This is not a flippant commentary - I have seriously considered one of these. I have visited the local dealer and sat on the previous models, but have not ridden one. When you approach the bike, you see the engorged gas tank and the minimalist seat and the low bars, and something just doesn't click - it just looks - uhhh - distorted? The seats are super hard and uncomfortable, and that alone is a deal breaker for me. Passenger accommodation? Get real. You feel like you are sitting up on a sawhorse reaching down vs "in" the bike. I also need more protection from road spray and mud than that chassis with its minimalist (there's that word again) fenders can possibly provide. The fit and finish and detailing are superb, but I'll have to keep looking for my next bike.

    • See 2 previous
    • Mechanicus Mechanicus on Oct 23, 2020

      Jason, I looked at it closely also. The transformer anime front end with the headlight down close to the fender, just...well... repulses me. The seat is better, but my poor wife has to climb up like a ladder on that pillion, and her knee angle on the pegs is excruciating to her. She was so high up we almost tipped over in the showroom. The guy said take it out and try it, but nahh. BMW has just passed me by. No offense to them or y'all or anybody; they're just not for me anymore. Peace.

  • Campi the Bat Campi the Bat on Oct 23, 2020

    Shame about the Racer, I had a soft spot for it. I'm fit enough that the riding position wasn't a dealbreaker for my purposes and my sparkling personality meant the little storage hump in lieu of a passenger seat was a positive change.

    Never bought one, though, nor did anyone else apparently.

    • See 3 previous
    • Larry W Larry W on Oct 24, 2020

      I find it hard to believe that your sparkling personality is an issue. Your posts here are extremely well thought out and expressed, nor do they devolve into mean-spirited even when goaded. I suspect that you simply find many potential suitors semi-sentient.