2020 Honda ADV 150 Announced for Indonesia

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Honda has released a new, smaller version of its X-ADV scooter for the Indonesian market. The new 2020 Honda ADV 150 is styled after the 745cc X-ADV, and while it may not be as capable off-road as its larger sibling, Honda says it’s very able to the diverse terrain and road conditions of Indonesia.

What’s notable for North American consumers is the ADV 150 uses a similar engine as the PCX 150, which may mean there’s a chance Honda may bring it over to the U.S. The X-ADV’s NC750-based parallel-Twin with DCT has been available in Europe since 2017, but American Honda didn’t think the large-displacement scooter would be a fit for the American market. A 150cc version may be a different story.

Billed as the SUV of scooters, the Honda X-ADV is not available in North America. The X-ADV shares the same NC series’ 745cc engine with DCT as the Honda Integra which was also not offered in the US.

In Indonesia, the ADV 150 is powered by a fuel-injected SOHC Single, claiming 14.3 hp at 8500 rpm and 10.2 lb-ft. at 6500 rpm. The engine also uses an idling stop system, which turns off the engine when it’s been sitting idle for a few seconds. This feature is available on the PCX 150 in markets outside North America, and if the ADV 150 does make it over, we expect it to also be without the idling stop system due to safety concerns.

The ADV 150 uses a double cradle frame, likely also similar to the one employed on the PCX. The suspension system is comprised of a telescopic fork and twin remote-reservoir rear shocks. A 240mm wavy disc brake is mounted to the 14-inch front wheel while the 13-inch rear wheel uses a 220mm disc. ABS is standard on the red and white models with the stripe graphics but the monochrome red, silver, matte brown and matte black and silver models make due with a combined braking system. Both cast wheels come in wide tires with a “semi-dual-purpose” tread, similar to the X-ADV’s rubbers.

The plain-looking color options without the ADV graphics will only come with a combined braking system. If Honda does offer the ADV 150 in other markets, they will likely come standard with ABS in all color options.

The underseat storage holds about 7.4 gallons, with a smaller storage space with a DC charging part . Other features include a floating, adjustable windscreen, fully-digital display and smart key system.

As of now, the Honda ADV 150 has only been confirmed for Indonesia, but will likely be offered in other Asian markets. We’ll have to wait and see if American Honda decides to bring it to the U.S. as an alternative to the PCX 150.

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Mad4TheCrest Mad4TheCrest on Jul 22, 2019

    The X-ADV 750, if priced reasonably, would have had a chance to catch on in the US. It seemed a great combo of motorcycle and scooter features, and the mix appeared functional as opposed to compromised. Sadly, I think this 150 would not do as well, since the small displacement hampers it for freeway use and on fast backroads, leaving it mainly just an urban commuter, which the pure scooter PCX already does fairly well.

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    • Alaskan18724 Alaskan18724 on Jul 23, 2019

      Damn skippy.

  • Old MOron Old MOron on Jul 22, 2019

    I have recently rediscovered the joy of riding a scooter. Even been looking around craigslist. Don't know if a dual-sport job is what I need. But scooters sure are fun!

    • See 9 previous
    • Old MOron Old MOron on Jul 26, 2019

      So after a demo ride, I think I've ruled out the BV350. It's a very good bike. Just not what I'm after. There's a 2018 GTS in the local showroom that might be just the ticket!