The Wraps Are Off: Yamaha Unveils The New 2022 YZF-R7

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan
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Full fairings, Inverted Fork, and $8999 price tag highlight the R6 successor.

The internet might have leaked photos of the new 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 last week, but we now have official information regarding Yamaha’s new successor to the beloved YZF-R6. As the photos gave away, the YZF-R7 is basically an MT-07 with clothes – but is that such a bad thing?

The departure of the R6 from Yamaha’s lineup has left a huge hole between the R3 and R1, and with the state of supersport sales basically tanking, developing a true 600cc R6 successor really doesn’t make much business sense. Especially not when Yamaha’s own 689cc CP2 parallel-Twin fills the middleweight gap nicely and has been a popular engine since its inception in the FZ/MT-07. Better still, using an existing platform means Yamaha can keep costs down.

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7, If it weren t for the cyclops headlight in the center you could almost mistake the new Yamaha YZF R7 for its predecessor the R6
If it weren’t for the cyclops headlight in the center, you could almost mistake the new Yamaha YZF-R7 for its predecessor, the R6.

Enter the YZF-R7. We can now confirm that this is primarily an MT-07 with a few modifications for R7 use. The most obvious, at least from a performance aspect, is the 41mm KYB inverted fork and dedicated spring and valving settings. Keeping it in the chassis is a forged aluminum bottom triple clamp, while a cast piece is used on top. The new fork also means new brakes, as four-pot radial calipers are a big improvement over the MT-07’s axial pieces. Interestingly, the 298mm discs are the same between R7 and MT-07. However, a radial master cylinder for the R7 should give better braking feel and power.

Full bodywork is the other obvious difference here, with styling closely following that of the R3, R1, and even a little bit of the R6. We’re not sure if the cyclops headlight in the center is a good look, though… Headlight aside, Yamaha says the slim dimensions of the chassis make the bodywork the narrowest yet seen on a Yamaha.

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7, An inverted fork and radial calipers should provide both improved handling and stopping capabilities over the MT 07 The 298mm rotors are unchanged
An inverted fork and radial calipers should provide both improved handling and stopping capabilities over the MT-07. The 298mm rotors are unchanged.

If you’re hoping for big changes in the engine or electronics department, squash those hopes right now. Like the frame, the R7 engine remains the same as the MT-07. We know this because the specific engine tested to get the R7 certified by the EPA was on an MT-07. This is only allowed if the engine is identical. While some might be saddened, let’s not forget what a popular platform the MT is in the MotoAmerica Twins Cup class. Getting every last drop of 80-ish horsepower is a lot more fun than just trying to survive having 200 at your disposal. I think what Yamaha’s trying to tell us here is that it’s not about horsepower after all, and hopefully, with the improved fork, the R7’s handling will make it a sweet street and track toy for both those coming up through the ranks and veterans looking to come down to something much more manageable.

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That’s all we know about the 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 for now. I’ll be riding it on track later this week, so look for my First Ride (Track) Review on Wednesday, May 26.

Begin press release:

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today introduced the all-new 2022 YZF-R7 as the latest model in the company’s Supersport motorcycle segment. Built from the ground up with a sleek ultra-thin lightweight chassis powered by Yamaha’s proven 700cc-class CP2 engine, and enhanced with track-focused supersport features, the R7 embodies the R-Series’ rich history of aggressive performance and racing dominance.

R World is Calling

Yamaha has a rich heritage of building the most sought-after Supersport motorcycles designed to deliver the pinnacle of performance on and off the track. From the rider-friendly YZF-R3 to the exclusive and track-focused YZF-R1M, the Yamaha R-series model lineup provides options for riders of all skill levels to experience the pure exhilaration of R World.

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7

The all-new 2022 YZF-R7 bridges the gap between the entry-level YZF-R3 and the prestigious YZF-R1, offering a midlevel option for both new riders looking to grow into a more powerful motorcycle, as well as experienced riders seeking a fully-faired motorcycle with Supersport performance that fits within their budget. With a unique package of performance, price and sporty styling, the R7 is true to its R-Series DNA and the lineup’s aspirational history of racing success.

All-New YZF-R7

The all-new 2022 YZF-R7 delivers proven power, a narrow chassis, and new styling that reflects the exhilarating next-generation of R World. It is packed with a range of features that include an engaging 689cc CP2 engine, a slim and lightweight frame with excellent aerodynamics, an inverted front fork with excellent front-end feel, and a racing-inspired cockpit with a supersport rider position.

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7

689cc CP2 Engine

YZF-R7 uses Yamaha’s proven 689cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, in-line two-cylinder, DOHC CP2 engine, giving the rider a feeling of a direct connection from the throttle to the rear wheel. Forged aluminum pistons with direct-plated cylinders integrated with the crankcase makes for lighter weight and excellent strength at higher temperatures, ensuring reliability at higher rpm. The crossplane engine’s 270-degree crank provides an uneven firing sequence with a more characterful exhaust note that emphasizes torquey acceleration and linear power delivery for outstanding response at all engine speeds. Additionally, the R7 has an optimized secondary gear ratio that creates an exhilarating ride and a sporty feel.

Ultra-Narrow Lightweight Chassis

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7

The YZF-R7’s ultra-narrow, high-strength steel frame provides excellent rigidity for a sporty and responsive ride by mounting aluminum center braces near the swingarm pivot which improve torsional rigidity. Rake, trail, and wheelbase dimensions have also been optimized for superb handling while cornering on a racetrack or a twisty section of pavement. The narrow, lightweight frame design has resulted in the slimmest bodywork found in Yamaha’s Supersport lineup and reduces air resistance while incorporating the rider’s body into its design.

Sporty New Suspension

The 2022 YZF-R7 features an inverted KYB 41mm front fork with optimized spring rate and damping settings for an excellent front-end feel during cornering and braking. The product-specific settings make for easy and predictable behavior, with a stiff feel for twisty roads and racetracks. The fork is fully adjustable for preload, rebound and compression damping force. The inverted KYB front forks are mounted to the steering tube via a forged aluminum lower triple clamp, and a gravity-cast aluminum upper triple clamp.

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7

A linked-type Monocross single-shock with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping strikes a balance between ride comfort and sporty performance for capability across a wide range of uses, from urban commuting to track days. The rear shock unit is mounted horizontally, fastened to the crankcase for efficient use of space and weight, contributing to mass centralization and further enhancing the bike’s compact size.

Potent Braking Power

The 2022 YZF-R7 is equipped with a new radial brake master cylinder from Brembo. This new Brembo radial master cylinder provides a more linear supply of hydraulic pressure to the radial mounted-mounted, 4 POT front brake calipers creating excellent controllability and stopping power through dual 298mm front brake rotors.

Comfort-Focused Racing-Inspired Cockpit

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7

The YZF-R7’s new racing-inspired cockpit puts the rider in a comfortable and confidence-inspiring position that evokes an eagerness to ride. A comfortable new seat with material and cushioning used in the YZF-R1, combined with new low-profile fuel tank covers with deep knee pockets for optimal hip and knee positioning gives the rider freedom to adjust positions while also providing a firmly planted feel when leaned over and a sturdy body hold under braking. Separate clip-on handlebars are set in relation to the rider’s hips and footpeg positions for an aggressive position allowing the rider to naturally grip the machine with confidence, especially when tucking behind the windscreen on twisty roads or on the racetrack.

New LCD Instruments

The 2022 YZF-R7 features a new full LCD instrument panel. The high-contrast negative dashboard and its compact and lightweight multifunction display with larger displays for the clock, gear, trip meters and tachometer provide clear information. The use of spot color gives an accent for the high-rpm range display – and new handlebar switches enables the rider to operate the meter more easily and efficiently.

New LED Lighting

the wraps are off yamaha unveils the new 2022 yzf r7

The iconic R-Series M-shaped intake duct and twin-eye front design of the new YZF-R7 houses an adaptive bi-functional LED headlight. The R7 is also equipped with a new LED taillight and front and rear turn signals. Light and compact, the new LED lighting complements the next-generation style of the bike and reinforces the premium specification of the Supersport class. Not only do the LEDs offer long life with minimal power draw, they provide brilliant illumination for confidence and visibility day or night.

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2022 YZF-R7 Key Features

  • 689cc crossplane technology CP2 engine
  • 270-degree crankshaft for linear power delivery
  • First Assist and Slipper clutch on a CP2 model
  • Optional Quick Shift System for smooth upshifts
  • Comfortable rider position for excellent handling
  • Lightweight frame tuned for rigidity balance
  • Slim proportions for aerodynamics and control
  • Inverted front fork with excellent front-end feel
  • Rear shock absorber with model-specific settings
  • Radial master cylinder (by Brembo) and radial-mount brake calipers
  • New LED headlight, taillight and front and rear turn signals
  • Next-generation colors and graphics

The 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 will arrive at authorized Yamaha dealers beginning in June 2021 and will be available in Team Yamaha Blue and Performance Black color schemes for $8,999 MSRP. To learn more about the 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 visit

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  • Patriot159 Patriot159 on May 20, 2021

    Roll with the changes. The fans of screaming 4 cyl. engines will lament not seeing 15 grand on the tach but torquey twins have there own appeal and this bikes max performance will still be beyond many of it's riders.

    • Imtoomuch Imtoomuch on May 20, 2021

      It is better when we have a choice of 2, 3 and 4 cylinders. Not everything should be a twin.

  • C w C w on May 20, 2021

    I wonder if Spicy110 sees a Diversion when he looks at this.