2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 Spied!

by Anonymous

New streetfighter standard seen testing in U.S.

Sporting a California plate and looking production-ready, this new Suzuki looks set to expand our favorite class of motorcycles – sporting nakeds – bikes that include the KTM Super Duke R, BMW S1000R, Kawasaki Z1000 and Ducati’s Monsters.

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Sporting a tubular handlebar instead of clip-ons and therefore the more humane ergonomics that define the class, it would appear that the new S is powered by the previous, slightly less oversquare version of the mighty 999cc GSX-R four-cylinder that ran from 2005 to 2008 – a good choice if the goal is beefier midrange torque at the expense of a little top-end horsepower.

All the basic building blocks are there, including triple-disc brakes with Brembo calipers on the inverted fork, along with wheel-speed sensors which reveal ABS is at least an option. The current V-Strom 1000 includes a traction-control system, so Suzuki has the technology to include TC on this model.

Speaking of the V-Strom, Suzuki traditionally undercuts the competition price-wise, so we expect this one to be the Naked Bike for the Masses!, and to sell for at least a couple g’s less than the current model, $13,899 GSX-R1000. We’ll guess an $11,999 MSRP to match the Kawi Z1000.

Look for more to come from Suzuki: At the same time it applied for the GSX-S name, it also registered the GSX-F nomenclature. Maybe some kind of new Katana in the works?

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  • Stuki Stuki on Aug 16, 2014

    Cool enough, I suppose. Zuk already have the motor sorted and paid for, so it's probably an easy way to enter a currently hot market.

    Pegs on this one look superbike high, with attendant tight kneebend........ Doesn't look comfortable.

    When RRs were all the rage amongst the gofast crowd, it didn't take too long for the smart shoppers to step down to 600 class engines. And going by how bonkers both reviewers and owners go over the Street Triple, one would think at least one of the big Japanese would attempt to repurpose one of those for naked duty.

    The liter sized streetfighters are just as overkill as the liter sized RRs once was. 90+% of riders would likely go faster more comfortably on a 600 class bike in this style; just as they do on racereps. My vote, and money if execution and ergos are agreeable, would be for a Kawi Z636, but any of the others would be good as well.

    The liter sized I4s would serve better in a street bound adv bike. Think Multistrada slayer. Or sport tourer, like the brilliant Ninja 1000. Sans fairing, one's even less likely to ever hit speeds where the added power versus a 600 makes a difference, than one is on a faired RR.

  • Parambir singh Parambir singh on Sep 14, 2014

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