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Recession be damned, 2012 looks to be one of the most highly anticipated years in the motorcycle industry in recent memory. The economy looks to be stabilizing, people are in the mood to buy again, and many of the major manufacturers are introducing exciting new models for the 2012 model year. From the looks of things it would appear as though the bottom of the economic turmoil is behind us.

It couldn’t have come any sooner, as these ten new machines for 2012 have us here at excited for the year to come. Like last year, this list is heavily Euro-centric – just one Japanese motorcycle managed to crack our register. Similar, too, is the amount of sport (or sporty-ish) bikes on the countdown.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is the presence of not one, but two electric motorcycles. One promises a lot of potential, while the other is a display of what happens when a major manufacturer dips its toes in the E-bike game.

So, here they are –’s 10 hottest bikes of 2012, in alphabetical order ...

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Troy Siahaan/Staff
Troy Siahaan/Staff

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