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  • 1997Victory Motorcycles launches as a division of Polaris Industries Inc. The first V92C model makes its debut.
  • 1998Full-scale production begins late in the year.
  • 1999The 92-cubic inch, 1500cc V92C is released as the largest production engine available. Victory engines have five-speed transmissions, single overhead cams, hydraulic lifters, and fuel injection.
  • 2000The V92SC Sport Cruiser is released, which offers higher ground clearance.
  • 2002Victory introduces the new Freedom Engine, which has the same dimensions as the old engine, but with better power output, rounded cylinders and smaller oil cooler.

    The V92TC Touring Cruiser is released, featuring a longer swingarm, new seats and the Freedom Engine.

  • 2003The sleekly-styled Vegas is released. The styling guidelines come from Arlen and Cory Ness, and the bike features a new chassis, a 92 cubic-inch engine and five-speed transmission.
  • 2004The Kingpin is released, featuring cartridge forks and revised front and rear spring rates and dampening. The Kingpin Deluxe was also released and featured additional luxury items.
  • 2006The Vegas, the Kingpin and Kingpin Deluxe were upgraded with a 100-cubic-inch engine and six-speed transmission.

    Victory introduces what it calls an ‘extreme custom’ – the Vegas Jackpot. The bike’s dominating feature is its fat 250mm rear and has a 100-cubic-inch V-Twin engine and six-speed transmission.

  • 2007The Kingpin Tour is added to the lineup, which features an integrated tour package or trunk. This bike replaces the V92TC Touring Cruiser.
  • 2008The radical and controversially styled Vision Street and Vision Tour are released for the 2008 lineup. The Vision Street includes a full fairing and hard saddlebags, while the Tour expands luggage capacity with large trunk.
  • 2011In a throwback to classic bobber style, the High-Ball is Victory’s latest model, complete with high bars and whitewall tires. Staff Staff presents an unrivaled combination of bike reviews and news written by industry experts

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