During a little downtime at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado, H-D took the opportunity to show just how functional its two new “electric urban mobility concepts” are – the ones it showed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and which our man Dennis wrote up here.

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Jackson “Jacko” Strong is an X-Games freestyle MX gold medalist, among other things, who seems to be quite impressed with the as-yet-unnamed mountain bike-looking ebike, which really isn’t technically an ebike at all as it has no pedals?

Anyway, what we called “Concept 1” seems to lie somewhere between ebike and KTM Freeride – and whatever it is it looks like a blast to ride, as well as entirely unthreatening even for people who’ve never ridden a motorcycle. Also unthreatening for the ecosystem, which is hugely important to many in the intended demographic.

Concept 2, ridden by X Games host and former pro snowboarder Jack Mitrani, is an even simpler device not dissimilar in form to the Briggs & Stratton scooters some of us grew up with as kids. Except for the high-tech looking DRLs and things on this prototype. Wait, the scooter in the opening part of the vid has a light; the one Jack actually rides does not.

Concept 2 is still in a state of flux, then, while Concept 1 is looking nearly production-ready. At the CES show, Harley-Davidson said they’ll go into production in 2021 and 2022. Why not? The ebike market is red hot right now. (I’m still waiting for my Yamaha test unit, of which Yamaha claims to have none since they’re selling so fast.)

On a day when Harley’s stock is down another 6% due to disappointing earnings, it’s past time for The Motor Company to start thinking outside the box. I for one would love to see H-D lead the way into all kinds of clean vehicles just for the sheer irony of the thing. Good luck Harley!

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