World Ducati Week 2018

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Ducatisti from all over the world converge on Misano

The Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli was bursting with Ducatisti during World Ducati Week 2018 this past July 20-22. Ducati claims attendance was up more than ten thousand from the previous year for this tenth edition of the event, seeing more than 90,000 passionate Ducati loving fans in attendance. With exciting events such as the Race of Champions, Scrambler Flat Track, Ducatista Parade, and live music, Ducatisti from all over the world made their way to the Adriatic Riviera to celebrate the Italian marque.

Missed the action? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a photo and video recap of the event. Grab an espresso or prosecco and check out the pictures and videos below to see a few of the events that took place in San Marino this past weekend.

The Race of Champions

world ducati week 2018

Preceded by a flyover of the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team, the Race of Champions featured 12 Ducati MotoGP and SBK Champions competing on the Misano circuit riding the Panigale V4 S, specially prepared with racing configuration and custom liveries. In case you missed the live stream, we’ve included both a recap of the event and the full live streamed event videos below.

As a special treat to those around the world with money to burn, each rider’s Panigale was put up for auction on Ebay Italy where they will likely fetch a pretty penny.

Sound of Passion Night

Saturday night the music of Radio Deejay and the Street Clerks band filled the Piazzale Roma in Riccione. Claudio Domenicali and the Ducati riders were all on hand to greet the Ducatisti in attendance. Italian singer-songwriter, Nina Zilli then took the stage in Riccione, which Ducati would refer to as “a weekend dedicated to desmodromic sound.”

Parade of Ducatisti

Ducati states the parade took 30 minutes to get all of the riders moved out of the Misano World Circuit as the parade departed for Rimini.

Scrambler Flat Track Race

The Race of Champions wasn’t the only time during the weekend Ducati superstars would take the track. Andrea Dovizioso, Jack Miller, and Danilo Petrucci were among the riders to take to the flat track aboard Ducati Scramblers.

Stuntmen Show

Always pleasing to the masses, Ducati had a number of stuntmen riding the Italian bikes perform for the crowd.

If you’re considering attending in the future, we would suggest you go for it, but here are a whole bunch of stats courtesy of Ducati from the weekend.

These are the numbers of WDW2018:

  • 10,250 laps on the track completed by cars and motorcycles during WDW2018
  • 43,000 photos taken by staff photographers (900 GB of photos)
  • 72 hours of video shot by the staff during the three days of the event
  • 73 nations of origin of the 91,596 WDW2018 participants
  • 147 DOCs (Ducati Owners Clubs) present at WDW2018, from 33 countries, 5 continents
  • 249 different activities carried out during the three days
  • 30 minutes, the time it took for the parade of Ducati motorcycles to exit the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit as it departed for Rimini
  • 18 hours of DRE Safety
  • 24 hours of DRE Enduro (with Multistrada 1200 Enduro)
  • 40 bikes available for test rides, for a total of 1,200 test rides
  • 500 tests using the Air Force flight simulator in the paddock
  • 6,000 photo portraits taken of the Monsteristi
  • 15 special Monster bikes selected for the “Garage Contest”
  • 10 motorcycle finalists at the Heritage Contest
  • 8 Audi R8, 3 Seat Cupra TCR and 4 Lamborghini Huracán Performante vehicles available to the public for a taxi drive on the track
  • 2 Desmosedici GP “MotoX2” twin-seaters on the track with Randy Mamola and Franco Battaini for laps on the track dedicated to the WDW2018 participants
  • 1 World Ducati Wedding celebrated by Chaz Davies and 2 marriage proposals made at the WDW
  • 388 Ducati and Ducati Scrambler flags at WDW2018
  • 3 Live bands in the paddock
  • 3 hours of live music during the “Sound of Passion Night”: Linus, Street Clerks, Nina Zilli, DJ Alex Farolfi  

Digital Ducati numbers:

  • WDW2018 dedicated website with 45 pages for a total of 612,000 page views since going online
  • Instagram: Impressions: 17 million, Reach: 13 million
  • During WDW2018 the official account exceeded 800,000 followers
  • Facebook: Impressions: 22,898,694, Reach: 14,949,151
  • WDW2018 App downloads: 13,105,
  • Race of Champions live stream: reached 631,477 people
  • SKY live broadcast: 2 hours
  • Facebook stream: 2 h 22 m 06 s Race of Champions (+ 1 h 17 m 34 s Flat Track, for a total of 3.5 hours of live streaming)

“Race Of Champions” numbers:

  • 142 Ducatisti guests in the “Race of Champions” starting grid
  • 13 Panigale V4 S motorcycles made with unique liveries
  • 15 world titles at the WDW of which 11 in the “Race Of Champions”

Land of Joy numbers:

  • 300 sessions of Flat Track School
  • 150 hours playing basketball
  • 240 hours of non-stop music played on the Land of Joy stage
  • Two Ducati Scrambler Sixty2s made 750 spins in the Ducati Scrambler Silodrome
  • 8 elimination challenges between the official Ducati riders at the Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Race
  • 1,124,053 people reached by the Ducati Scrambler digital channels
  • 103,450 people interacted with the Ducati Scrambler channels
  • 100 hot-air balloon rides in the WDW2018 Land of Joy
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