Now that they’re making their way into dealerships, somebody had to do it. Moto Rapido Ducati, in Winchester, UK, is the first we’ve seen to strap a Panigale V4S to a Dynojet 250i – the same type MO uses to wring out our bikes.

All three Panigales – V4, V4S and V4 Speciale – use the same 1103cc 90-degree backward-spinning Desmo engine. Ducati’s horsepower claim is 214 horsepower at 13,000 rpm, and 91.5 pound-feet torque at 10,000 rpm. We usually expect 10% less at the rear contact patch, and maybe a bit more of a loss due to the jackshaft that reverses drive to the V4’s rear wheel, so we’re pleasantly surprised at the bike’s Dynojet performance.

Maybe even blown away: 202 horsepower just past 13,000 rpm isn’t too shabby at all, and neither is 119 Nm of torque (about 88 pound-feet to us), just past 11,000 rpm. Moto Rapido says this is a completely unmodified bike running Shell pump gas and a Supercorsa Diablo SP road tire, Dynojet 250i running SAE correction x0.98, 28°c, 1018mBar, 15% humidity.

Not only is the amount of power impressive, the curve, save one small dip around 8200 rpm, looks nice and smooth. Once past there, you’ll want to hold on tight. If Ducati’s claimed curb weight of 430 pounds is as accurate as these numbers, it’ll be right there with the 433-pound Honda CBR1000RR, which didn’t win last year’s Superbike shootout but was the lightest bike in the bunch. You’ll find a dyno chart for all seven contestants at that link, too. None of them made more than 180 hp.

Stay tuned for Herr Duke’s first ride report, coming soon…



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