Bott Power XR1R Pikes Peak Race Bike For Sale

Brent Jaswinski
by Brent Jaswinski

I’ve always been a fan of anything that’s different or sets you apart from the rest of the pack, and it was for this reason I decided many moons ago to buy a Buell. I also grew up in a Harley family, so it was a natural choice. I was 17 when I got my first Buell, a 2003 XB9S. God I loved that bike, and I modified it quite heavily in the following years. After going through and upgrading the motor with higher-compression pistons, a five-angle valve job, porting, polishing, a better-breathing modified air intake, freer-flowing Randy Hawkins exhaust, more aggressive Andrews cams and a remapped ECU, it was cranking out 110 hp to the wheel – it was pretty wicked, and it sounded awesome on the pipe with the throttle pegged. And that’s just what was done to the motor.

Miss you, old friend.

My younger brother had a 2009 XB12S that he modded too. His was bigger, which he liked to remind me of constantly, but mine made a lot more power and was way snappier – ha! I’ve always regretted selling it, but I had bills and money was tight. You know how the story goes…

When I first saw the Bott Power XR1R online a few years ago, I had to learn more about it. It was beautiful – *is beautiful* – excuse me, and was built in Spain with top shelf parts, carbon fiber galore and even some 3D-printed components too. Then I got to see it in person at EICMA this past year and gave it a thorough inspection. I did what I could (short of sexual favors) to try and convince the Bott Power guys to let me, you know, take it for a quick rip. In the rain, no less. Yeah right…

They let my buddy Rennie ride it, not on that day, but what’s the harm in asking? The worst they could do is laugh and say no. I did that whole high-school and puberty thing, I know what rejection feels like. He was even supposed to race it this year at Pikes Peak, but a last minute lack of funding has prevented the Spanish team from racing it to the clouds again next week in Colorado. Thus, it’s now for sale to help fund their future projects. If only I had few extra bucks in my pocket, I’d be all over it.

Read more about the Bott Power XR1R below.

Bott Power:

One month ago we made public in our Social Networks that finally this year we are not going to race in Pikes Peak because we couldn’t complete the necessary budget to do it properly. For this reason, the most logical was to cancel the project.

Fortunately, it was possible to stop everything with enough time to allow Rennie Scaysbrook to look for a motorbike to race this year, and finally he will race again with KTM, as he did last year. Kriega, our main sponsor, didn’t start yet the production of the “Bott Power style” backpacks that they were going to produce for this year, so we were also lucky in that regard and the project cancelation has been “clean”, without any damaged part.

On the other hand, some time ago we started thinking about building a completely new bike. Buell is not producing bikes anymore, and that is a problem in Europe because the engines don’t fulfill with Euro4. So for our next project, we will use another brand as donor bike. Of course this doesn’t mean that we are going to stop producing Buell based motorbikes. We will keep building XR1s and XC1s with Buell engines, but we will also start developing a new line of motorbikes based on another engine.

We are investing money in the new project, for this reason we are selling the BOTT XR1R that raced in Pikes Peak last year.

We think that this is a very interesting bike, mainly for collectors who are looking for a very unique motorbike, with a great character, who finished 4th in Pikes Peak (and first in the Exhibition Powersport category), and which was chosen one of the top 10 2017 bikes by Bike Exif editors.

These are some of the very special parts that this bike has:

– Buell XBRR engine, 1340 cc, 150 HP, titanium valves
– Öhlins / Ceracarbon fork with carbon fiber inner tubes and Öhlins TTX cartridge
– Shock absorber Öhlins TTX
– Rotobox carbon fiber wheels
– Triple clamp with titanium axle
– Wheels titanium axles
– Brembo master cylinder, calipers, discs
– AIM data recording system
– Carbon fiber seat and airbox
– STM slipper clutch

We are also selling some of the brand new Buell XBRR engines that we have.

So if you are seriously interested in buying the bike or an engine, please send us an email to

Brent Jaswinski
Brent Jaswinski

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  • Alaskan18724 Alaskan18724 on Jun 14, 2018

    Cool babies!

  • Mog Mog on Jun 15, 2018

    The XBRR is an absolute performance beast, in the best way of a race bike.
    Extremely agile with torque all over the the tack dial. I can appreciate the Bott XR1R.

    There are so very few XBRRs because the engines were totally different from the stock 1203 cc Buell engine version used in the XB12 series. In fact, the engine is based on the smaller XB9 engine with bigger cylinders (1339cc) and newly cast engine blocks specifically for the XBRR only. The engines look similar but that is as far as it goes, they are night and day different in nearly every other respect.

    If you have never ridden an XBRR, there is nothing else ANYWHERE close to the excellent weight, handling and performance. The bike was created for the track for the privateer racer. The cost was probably 1/3 to 1/5th of what it cost to build for the AMA rules homologation effort.

    At 360 pounds (163 kg), dreaming of the agility just plain comes up short. The few teething problems were fixed but the Buell 1125R (water cooled V twin) brought some of the XBRR capability to the street as Buell moved onwards. The Bott Pike's Peak Project is very cool and a winner in its class.