Do I Have to Carry Full Insurance Coverage If I Finance a Motorcycle?

Leslie Kay
by Leslie Kay

Different finance options have different requirements. Some finance arrangements may allow you to ride without proof of insurance. However you should be aware that if your motorcycle is a total loss due to a comprehensive or collision loss you will still be responsible for the balance of your loan.

During the process of purchasing your new motorcycle be sure you ask what will be required. If insurance is required you will need to budget this into your monthly costs. When searching for quotes for insurance you should be informed about what you actually need. You will need to satisfy the laws of your state, as well as the requirements of the finance company. If they require insurance what is the maximum deductible allowed? A higher deductible could save you hundreds. What is the required amount of insurance to satisfy any legal requirement for where you live? Are you financing or leasing your motorcycle? Will there be any special requirement for your liability limits?

Once you are armed with this information you can shop for the best available motorcycle insurance rates. Knowing what to ask for is half the battle. Be sure you get a quote for exactly the same limits of coverage from each insurance company you contact.

Leslie Kay
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Leslie Kay
Leslie Kay

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