In recognition of Father’s Day, this edition of the Weekend Awesome features a young French Trials rider training with his father. Hugo Dufrese, who was nine or 10 when this video was uploaded, is a member of Team Ossa France, currently competing in the Juvenile A class against older kids.

In this video, Hugo is being trained by his father, Sebastien Dufrese, a former coach of 14-time French Trials champion Bruno Camozzi. The kid certainly has talent and we look forward to seeing his exploits as he matures.

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But for this weekend, we recognize Hugo and Sebastien Dufrese for their example of a father bonding with his son over motorcycles.

On a similar theme, here is a special bonus video of another trials-riding father and son duo. In this video, a father teaches his three-year-old how to stand up on the pegs for the first time.

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Happy Father’s Day!