The Official MO Presidential Poll 2020

John Burns
by John Burns

Why can’t MO have a poll, everybody else does? To settle our own curiosity and because we can, we took the hard work upon ourselves to produce this highly scientific poll of MO readers. Some pundits have conjectured there’s a correlation between motorcyclists and political leaning; we aim to slice it a bit thinner than that here, to see what kind of motorcyclist leans which way. This Playbuzz baby’s going to show us not just what kind of motorcyclist supports each Presidential candidate, it’s also going to predict the outcome of the upcoming race if only MO readers voted. Which, really, makes tons of sense. We’re not just a microcosm, we’re a microchasm.

So go ahead and take the poll. Just scroll down until you come to your chosen candidate, then go in and check the box corresponding to the bike you ride. If you have more than one bike, go with the one you like best, or if you can’t decide, the More than One option. How easy is that? Vote early and often, but you can only vote once. Or maybe once per day?

John Burns
John Burns

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  • Jeff Jeff on Jan 29, 2020

    Man, I cannot do this anymore. I definitely don't ride motorcycles at all. Why? because there are people starving in the streets. I would be okay with this website if they focused more on low cost, alternative transportation methods, like trains, and cheap russian / chinese built cars. The excesses here, especially the constant praise of 20K+ Aprillias is too much to handle. Hopefully Bernie can clean up this mess so we can finally get back to talking about what is important, cheap knock-off scooters and organic food bricks. I am so happy that some people are finally standing up to the boomer excesses that permeate this website. Looking forward to the Chinese Scooter vs Tuono comparo this country desperately needs. Wake up and get WOKE!

  • ADB ADB on Jan 30, 2020

    Ahh, John Burns, our favorite resident communist.....