Mecum Auction Las Vegas 2018 Is Going On Now

John Burns
by John Burns

It’s going on as we speak in Sin City through Saturday, and if you wander over to, you can see the results of what’s already sold for how much, along with everything that’s yet to be gavelled off. If you need a 1961 Victoria Model 15 Lot #F69, like the one in the photo, you better hurry. Speaking of sin, would you pay $13,000 for an original Honda GB500?

That’s what this 9000-mile example sold for. Gee, I dunno… maybe they’re big in Japan and somebody is a lot smarter than me? Another one just like this went for $11,000.

Personally, I think an original Suzuki RE-5 rotary might be more fun. It sold for $11,000. If you register at the Mecum site (just enter an email address), you can waste a couple hours browsing through all 46 pages of motorcycles and objets’ d moto for sale, including…

Lot S225, Buell RW750 #1 – Erik Buell’s very first race bike. Definitely collectible if a bit impractical.

I could totally go for a `76 Yamaha XT500, Lot T197, an ADV bike even a short person could easily swing a leg over. Quite a few Japanese bikes of the era seem to be selling for non-outrageous prices in the $5,000 range.

This Los Angeles Times story tells us there’ll probably be over 1,750 lots sold this week, expected to bring in over $14 million. They seem to run the entire gamut, from the very beginning of motorcycles right up to a hopped-up BMW HP4. Better book your flight immediately. Or just bid online at Mecum’s. Oh, and Bonham’s Las Vegas auction starts today, too. Let’s all get out there and stimulate the economy.

John Burns
John Burns

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  • HeDidn'tWeDid HeDidn'tWeDid on Jan 25, 2018

    $13,000.00 is a bit insane for a motorcycle that I remember sitting unsold in a corner of my local Honda dealer for what seemed like a decade.

  • Elk boy Elk boy on Jan 26, 2018

    I would not pay that for a brand new in the box Honda GB500. It is like buying and old car, if you want something to sit in your garage day in and day out great spend gobs of money for a dust catcher. If you bought this bike you can't ride it, the low miles is why it is worth 13K. So all you can do is look at it maybe start it up but then you would have to pay tons to get it clean and drained and in storage condition again. Go buy a new bike help keep the sport alive instead, plus you can go ride it!