Two and a half years ago, Bell Helmets set out to design and create its most advanced helmet yet, and with the new Pro Star, designed with input from Bell’s athletes around the world, Bell has expanded the Star line to include three models: the Star, the Race Star, and the Pro Star. Each getting progressively more expensive.

Focusing on the Pro Star, the design goal in this premium helmet was to provide a comfortable fit and optimum protection with the lightest weight possible. While they were at it, Bell engineers added a bigger viewport for better field of vision both laterally and vertically. In fact this was the first area the team worked on, as a wider eyeport needs to be accompanied by a shell that maintains the necessary protection.

From there, a focus on weight savings was in order. Here, Bell collaborated with TeXtreme, producers of lighter, thinner carbon fiber fabric to incorporate multiple layers of the stuff throughout the helmet’s shell.

Available in five different shell sizes to create a smaller overall profile, the Pro Star also is fitted with Bell’s Flex Liner. Essentially three different materials – expanded polypropylene, expanded polyolefin, and expanded polystyrene – each suited for either low-speed, mid-speed, or high-speed impacts.

Inside the Pro Star, the rider is exposed to an interior made from Virus Performance Fabrics. This includes a quick-dry liner with odor-fighting properties that helps cool the rider by “harnessing the power of Jade.” Magnefusion cheek pads snap in or out of the helmet with ease thanks to magnets instead of snaps keeping them in place.

The Pro Star ain’t cheap, coming in at $1,199.95. The Race Star does without the Textreme carbon shell and Panovision shield but has a $699.95 starting price. If that’s still too much, the budget-minded Star ditches the Virus fabric, features a tri-matrix composite shell, and is geared more towards a street-oriented viewing position. Price for it starts at $449.95. Visit to learn more.