We’ll start off by saying that what the car driver does is wrong, and according to news reports, she is, as a result of her road rage, being charged with 16 charges, including Aggravated Assault, Littering, Endangering the Welfare of a Child (her child was in the car) and Reckless Driving. Hopefully, she’ll learn her lesson courtesy of the court system.

Nice Work, Bro

However, as motorcyclists, we need to consider what the rider did to aggravate the situation. First, this rolling incident took place over three miles, long enough for the people in the following car to decide to record the conflict. Second, the rider appears to be deliberately riding slowly and accelerating ahead of the car when she tries to pass. According to her statements, he also brake checked her several times. Do we really need to discuss the folly of brake checking a car with a motorcycle?

Finally, we need to consider what the rider should have done. Pulling over and letting the crazy woman pass would have instantly ended the confrontation. Instead, by throwing gasoline on the fire, he ended up being hit by her car at a stop light. He is extremely lucky that only his motorcycle was damaged, given how unstable the behavior of the woman in the car appears.

Remember, we are much more vulnerable than the occupants of cars. Do your best to de-escalate before the red mist takes over.

Watch the full video below.